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    What's leading the Crocs Platform Clog discussion this month?

    Crocs Platform ClogsSince Crocs launched in 2002 there possibly hasn't been a shoe brand that has created as much division amoung shoe lovers, fashion bloggers and the general public.

    Crocs continues to lead the shoe fashion debate with their Crocs Platform Clog models. The Platform Clog was first seen on a global scale when luxury fashion powerhouse Balenciaga sent their super models down the cat walk in 10 inch platform Crocs in 2018. 
    Balenciaga and Crocs have continued the relationship with their summer 2022 range. The collection had a classic black clog paired with a 4-inch (101mm) platform heel that was embellished with metal nuts and bolts along the sides of the sole and featured metal Balenciaga nameplates at the toe and heel.
    This may not be for all us from a practical or price tag perspective but it definately rocked the red carpet and was trending on twitter, instagram and other social media platform at the time.   

    So what's happening in 2022 with Crocs Platform Clogs? 

    Crocs collaborated with numerous celebrities and brought to market some more practical platform clog models in 2021 making the range one of the most popular ever amoung Crocs fans.  Fans will not be disappointed in 2022 either as a number of new colours, patterns and designs will be release dover the winter and summer seasons. For the latest in platform Clog available on our site check them out here.

    How high are Crocs Platform Clogs?

    This depends on which model you buy as there is a range of platform heights that range from 254mm to 41mm. Measurements are usally done from floor to heel rest.

    What models have Crocs released in Platform Clogs?

    There are 3 core models Crocs have release in their platform range.  Those being:
    • Crocs Balenciage Platform Clog  (platform height 10 inch / 254mm)
    • Crocs Classic BAE Clog is (platform height = 2.4-inch / 60mm)
    • Crocs Classic Platform Clog is (platform height = 1.6-inch / 41mm) 

      Who have Crocs collaborated with with their Platform Clogs?

      Atmos Pink: Atmos Pink is the most iconic Japanese shoe retailer where Crocs took their Classic Bae Clog and gave it a smidge of sneaker. Both Black and White colorways include a glitter treatment and shoelaces, making this collab super awesome. 
      Atmos Pink X Crocs.
      Just Love designed by Ruby Rose: Few people embody a “Come as you are” attitude more than actor and model Ruby Rose. These Crocs Classic Bae Clogs featured a marbled treatment unique to every shoe with all the colors of the rainbow and distinctive Pride laces to show off your most proud self.
      Crocs + Just Love Classic Bae Clog
      Yang Mi's: In partnership with Crocs global brand ambassador Yang Mi, Crocs combined Yang Mi's personal style into the design of 3 Classic Clogs, encouraging fans to be more confident and comfortable.
      Crocs x Yang Mi collaboration.

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