We at Sole Central don't like it when someone gives away our personal information and we're pretty sure you feel the same way. Therefore we never share, sell or pass on any information provided to us, except where required by law.

The information we collect is handled sensitively and most importantly stored securely. The below are some FAQ’s on our collection, storage and use of information.

> When is personal information collected?

    Sole Central may collect personal information when you:
    • Make an enquiry
    • Create an Account
    • Place an order
    • Provide feedback about the product/s purchased, our web site and your overall shopping experience

    > What Personal Information do you collect and store?

    • Name
    • Delivery Address
    • Billing Address
    • Email Address
    • Contact Number
    • Order Details
    • Billing Payment Method (not your credit card number)
    • Order comments
    • Correspondence between us and you from various communication mediums

    > For what purposes do you use the personal information?

    The personal information we collect may be used in the following ways:

    • To aid in the delivery of the products you have purchased from us
    • To communicate with you for customer service purposes
    • To provide you with relevant product information
    • To help Sole Central decide on what new products and services to stock
    • To better understand our customer’s demographics
    • To improve the user experience of our website site and overall processes

    > How will you communicate with me?

    • Sole Central uses a variety of communication mediums to keep in touch. These include email, phone, SMS and a number of social media platforms.
    • If you choose to be a Sole Central newsletter subscriber, we'll also use your personal information to send you marketing or promotional information from time to time. You can opt out of receiving marketing information from Sole Central at any time by using the unsubscribe function within the email newsletter or by changing the settings within your account on our website.

    > Updating Your Personal Information

    • If you wish to change any of your personal information you can do this by logging in and accessing your account. To log in, use your email address and the password provided to you when you initially set up your account or placed an order.

    > How do you protect my personal information entered on your website?

    • When providing personal details on our web site they are done so using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which provides you with the safest, most secure shopping experience possible.
    • SSL is a security technology that is commonly used for encrypting communications between users and e-commerce websites. The SSL protocol encrypts data during the transaction process to prevent eavesdropping and tampering of the data you send and receive.

    > How do I know when SSL is being used?

    • URLs often begin with “http://” e.g. http://solecentral.com.au
    • URLs can go into secure mode, changing to “https://” e.g. https://solecentral.com.au
    • Comparing the above URLs you will notice that an “s” has been added to second one. This means that any information about to be typed or shared will be encrypted. At the point where you have to provided your credit card or personal information on our site you will notice the URL uses the “https://” format, providing security and peace of mind.

    > Are you PCI Complaint for Credit Card Processing?

    • If you want to sell online and accept payments from Visa and MasterCard your software, hosting and credit card processing companies needs to be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.
    • The PCI Data Security Standard is an information security standard for organisations that handle credit card and debit card information. Sole Central hosts their site and uses a credit card processing company who are both certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

    > Do you store my credit card number?

    • Sole Central does not store your credit card number on their website or any offline system. When you provide your credit card is it done so on a secure page and this information is encrypted and passed directly to the credit card processing company who are a certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant firm.
    • They review the request and advise us if the purchase has been accepted or decline.

     > Collection of Computer Data

    • When you visit the Sole Central website our servers and our Google Analytics account automatically record certain information. This data may include information such as your device type, IP Address, browser type or the webpage you were visiting before you came to our site, pages of our site that you visit, the time spent on those pages, information you search for on our site, access times and dates, and other statistics.
    • We do not view this as personal information or link it to personal information we have collected. We do however aggregate and analyse this data in order to enhance our user’s web experience and also assist in ensuring we are offering the best products and services.

    > Identification checks

    • We’re not a big fan of online fraud and have measures in place to flag orders that are or show signs of not being the real deal.  
    • Sometimes we will ask you to provide additional supporting information before the order will be released and if the data is not provided we will cancel the order and process a full refund.

      > Complaints About Breaches of Privacy

      • If you believe that your privacy has been breached by Sole Central, you can contact the Customer Service Team and all attempts will be made to resolve the matter.