> How do Vivobarefoot size their shoes?

Vivobarefoot uses European sizes for their footwear.  They do however provide a conversion chart for the equivalent US / AU size which is featured below.


> How should Vivobarefoot fit?

The fit should be secure but not tight. There needs to be sufficient room for the natural expansion of the foot as it contacts the ground, especially in the toe box area where a lot of the load is applied during active movement. You should not lose the ability to move your foot in its natural direction and flexibility should be similar to not wearing any footwear.


> What are the design principles of Vivobarefoot? 

Vivobarefoot are designed based on three key principles:

Vivobarefoot Natural Shock Absobtion Vivobarefoot Natural Motion Control Vivobarefoot Natural Sensory Feedback
Natural Shock Absorption Natural Motion Control Natural Sensory Feedback
Muscles and tendons provide natural shock absorption  The skeletal system and Great Toe provide natural motion control The body's nervous system and 200,000 receptors in the soles of the feet provide natural sensory feedback.


> What are the key design features of Vivobarefoot? 

Vivobarefoot are all about the natural motion and engagement of the foot. To support these principles they design their shoes with a wide toe box, full flexibility and an ultra thin sole.

Vivobarefoot Wide Toe Box Vivoebarfoot Full Flexability Vivobarefoot Thin Sole
Wide Toe Box
Full Flexibility Ultra Thin Sole
The shoes are zero-drop with anatomic width to allow your arch and toes to load, splay and recoil The shoes have total flexibility to allow the great toe to engage rapidly for independent rear and fore-foot movement.  The shoes have a patented ultra-thin, puncture resistant sole for maximum proprioception.