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> How do Crocs size their shoes?

Crocs use US sizing world-wide on all their footwear. If you have an existing pair you will find the size generally stamped on the soles.

The size displayed on the sole no matter what country you buy or bought your Crocs from (e.g. Australia, USA, Singapore, England, New Zealand or other) will always be in US sizes.

Crocs considers AU sizes to be the same as US sizes and from our experience we feel this is generally correct. All sizing on this website uses the Crocs US sizing numbers.

> What are the sizes on my current pair of Crocs?

  • If you have an exisitng pair of Crocs you will likely have sizes stamped as per one of the below 3 pictures. All these are always in US Sizes no matter what country you bought your Crocs from.
    Crocs Sizing Tips
  • Pic 1 Unisex - This Crocs shoe is unisex, so designed for both Men and Women. The (M5) translates to Men's US 5 & the (W7) a Women's US 7 
  • Pic 2 Women's - This Crocs shoe is designed for Women and the (W7) translates to Women's US 7
  • Pic 3 Men's - This Crocs shoe is designed for Men and the (M9) translates to Men's US 9

> Are Crocs true to size (run big or small)? 

  • Like most customers we find Crocs run true to their given size. There are some styles that are designed to provide a looser fit, primarily the work clogs like Crocs Bistro. Our recommendation is to purchase your normal size.

> Caring for your Crocs

  • To ensure your Crocs remain in good condition, avoid leaving them where they will be exposed to heat or sun, such as a hot car.  Do not put them in the washing machine or dryer as this can cause the shoes to shrink or warp. Unfortunately if this occurs it is is not considered a product fault. 

> Here is the Crocs Sizing Chart for Women & Men

Crocs Sizing Chart

> Here is the Crocs Sizing Chart for Kids

Crocs Kids Size Charts

> Do Crocs do half sizes? 

  • Crocs do not make their shoes in a 1/2 size in adult shoes. It's full sizes only. There are a few models for kids that use this sizing method but generally these are the older models.

> Do Crocs have different fits?

Crocs have come a long with since launching their initial loose fitting clog in 2002. They now offer a range of models that come in a variety of fits to suit your need or use.


  • This is like the original Crocs model that has a wide roomy fit.
  • It allows your feet to fully stretch out, so your toes won't hit the ends and your feet often won't touch the sides.
  • The models within this category often come in the form of a clog and feature a heel strap to ensure the foot holds in place.


  • You can still expect some space around the perimeter of your foot and a bit of wriggle room for your toes
  • It provides a more secure feel than the 'roomy fit' while still giving you that relaxed comfort factor you need


  • Expect a more snug fit without being tight and uncomfortable
  • Your toes should still however have a bit of wriggle room
  • The shoes should fit securely to the contour of your foot and the heels should not slip up and down as you walk.

> Why do Crocs have holes?

  • Crocs were originally designed for those in the boating industry who needed shoes that would allow the water to run out when they got wet.
  • There are exactly 13 holes on each pair of Crocs Clogs which are now one of the most recognised shoe styles in the world and now used to add shoe charms (jibbitz) to given them individual styles.

> Do Crocs have different comfort ratings?

    COMFORT LEVEL 1 - Iconic Croslite Technology

    • Croslite™ is a closed-cell foam resin with a near-perfect mix of softness, rebound and cushion.
    • It gives each pair the lightness and one-of-a-kind feeling that made Crocs famous.

    Crocs Iconic Croslite Footbed

      Crocs Dual Croslite Comfort Footbed

      COMFORT LEVEL 2 - Dual Croslite Technology

      • Crocs have added a softer foam footbed with extra cushioning power.
      • It has more arch support, a cushioned heel and "sink-into-it" softness that hugs your feet as you walk.

      Crocs Dula Croslite Technology Footbed

      Crocs Croslite with Memory Foam Footed

      COMFORT LEVEL 3 - Croslite + Memory Foam  Technology

      • This new footbed takes Crocs signature comfort to the next level, making this one our most comfortable styles to date.
      • It is there softest, sink-into-it feeling: memory foam pillow on top of a Croslite™ foam base – for all-day cushion.

       Crocs Croslite with Memory Foam TechnologyFootbed