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What are the best chef shoes to buy?

We get this question a lot and to be honest it's really a tough one to answer. It generally comes down to the argument of what defines 'best'.
We've seen some funny yet heated arguements over our time about what is the best chef shoe and the topic often gets quite passionate; who would have thought chefs would get fired up this topic
ou can see the issue here already, as the definition will differ from chef to chef
We've seen plenty of heated yet funny arguments over our time on how this definaii
To give some insight into reaching a decision that suits your needs and kitchen environment below are 5 key question we get most often asked by chefs.
Do you have chef shoes with good arch support?
Do you have chef shoes with extra toe protection or in steel cap? 
Are these chef shoes slip resistant?
Do you have chef shoes that are 100% waterproof?
Can I easily clean these chef shoes?






without being biased toward the brands we stock.  But we're open to can't be answered by naming a single brand or model and everyone feet are unique and everyone uses different criteria to define 'best'  


Also how do you define 'best'?  Is it price, comfort, slip resistant, toe protection, 

be honest this is a near impossible question to answer as what defines best is quite open and will differ from chef to chef.



Why you ask well.